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76 Ranch
Graham County, Arizona


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[1] Owner's home
[2] Old stone house
[4] Interior owner's home
[5] Interior owner's home
[6] View of the ranch
[7] Another view
[8] Paddy's River house
[9] A final view

Location & Maps

General location in Arizona
Location map
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General Description
The 76 Ranch is one of the finest cattle ranches in Southeastern Arizona. Established in the 1800's the ranch has long been recognized for its productivity and scenic beauty.

The 76 Ranch is located in the Northern end of the Sulphur Springs Valley. This is a very scenic area with sweeping views in every direction. The Ranch is approximately 120 miles from Tucson, a major metropolitan area. The city of Willcox is approximately 40 miles away and has an airport that can handle private planes.

The 76 Ranch has a colorful history that dates back to 1870's. The Ranch was the site of the Apache Indian battle of KH Butte in 1881. The area was also the site of the Wham paymaster robbery of 1889 and rumor has it the funds from the robbery established the ranch. The Ranch was a noted guest ranch in the 1930's and the book "Bar Nothing Ranch" by Rosemary Taylor (1947) was written about those times.

Land Tenure
The 76 Ranch lends itself to cow-calf or yearling operation and consists of:

Approximate Acres
Animal Units
State Lease
Forest Allotment
Private Lease

Climate, Elevation & Vegetation

The 76 Ranch has a mild climate that is pleasant all year. Summer highs are in the mid 90's and winter lows in the mid 30's.
The elevation varies between 3,900 and 9,000. The lower elevations are open grasslands with the upper elevations vary between Oak-Juniper woodlands or Pine forests. Grass and browse species include Grama grasses, Sacaton, Alfileria, Guajilla and Oak.

The 76 Ranch is very well improved and maintained.


Owner's Home - (Please see photo [1] , [4], and [5] above)
A beautiful home that was recently constructed of the finest materials. Approximately 2,560 square feet with 2 bedrooms and two baths downstairs. Upstairs is a guest suite or large bedroom with one bathroom. The home is beautifully constructed with a rusted metal roof, antique barn wood exterior, wood and slate floors, granite counters, fireplace and picture windows with sweeping views. The home is sited and landscaped with great care.

Manager's Home - (Please see photo [3] above)
2003 Cavco manufactured home. 1,680 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Rusted metal roof and fireplace. Home is set into the ground and has great views.

SHRODE CAMP (main corrals)

Employee Home
2007 Cavco manufactured home, 680 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.

Metal Shop

600 square feet with 1 open and 1 enclosed bay.

Hay/Storage Barn
5,600 square feet metal barn.

PADDY'S RIVER CAMP - (Please see photo [8] above)

Employee Home

Older frame and masonry home. 1,200 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Metal Barn

3,200 square feet completely enclosed Butler type Barn.

Livestock Improvements
Excellent steel shipping corrals on the Bonita-Klondyke road. Numerous corrals are located throughout the ranch. The Ranch is well divided into pastures and the fences are in good shape

The 76 Ranch is well watered with 18 wells currently in use. There are two major pipelines and numerous dirt stock tanks and springs. Many of the wells have submersible pumps that are powered by generator or solar panels.

Electricity and telephone are available to the Headquarters, Shrode Camp and Paddy's River Camp. Water is provided by wells. Propane is available from local suppliers.

Taxes & Fees

2006 real estate taxes
2007 State grazing fees
2007 Forest grazing fees

The 76 Ranch contains many forms of wildlife. Mammals include black bear, mountain lion, two species of deer, cotamundi, javelina, coyote and squirrels. There is a small antelope herd that also lives in the area. Southeastern Arizona is also known for its exceptionally diverse bird species.

The 76 Ranch is a very well improved property that has all of the ingredients for a successful cattle ranch. The scenery and climate are exceptional. The owner's home is tastefully built and ready to move into. It would be very difficult to find a property with all these attributes in today's market at a better price.


Cattle & Equipment
The livestock and equipment are separately priced.

  • 840 Cows & 50 bulls
  • 1995 gooseneck stock trailer, Model 95166 LS
  • 1998 gooseneck flatbed trailer (vin xx2270)
  • 1985 Wrangler trailer (vin W1209)
  • Water tank and pump on trailer
  • Caterpillar - 966 G-Loader (serial # 03SW00515)
  • 1999 CAT 446B 4X4loader, backhoe (SN # 5BL01957)
  • Ripper bucket - model 446-24 (serial # H5119)
  • John Deere 6420 MFWD Tractor L06420H394487 (CN 1040-9129)
  • John Deere 640 Front-End Loader ID W006406C042430 (CN 1200-9400)
  • CAT D7H (Serial # 79Z1 020)
  • 2001 Wilson cattle pot trailer
  • 1979 Cozad Lowboy trailer (vin # CC79024)
  • CAT-120G roadgrader (SN # 87V07903)
  • Generator
  • Portable Lincoln welder
  • 3 AT.V.'s
  • Bobcat
  • Generator (20KW, DSL - Specialty Lighting Boss 120), on trailer
  • Thorsen Chute with palpation cage, trailer
  • Generator (GNS-200, DSL, 20KW - 31 HP Airman), mounted on trailer
  • 1986 Kenworth Dump truck
  • 1994 Chevy Pump Rig Truck (VIN # 8993)
  • 1980 Peterbilt truck (VIN # 131579P)
  • 2006 GMC Sierra 3/4 ton pickup (VIN # 9872)
  • 2007 GMC Sierra 1-ton pickup (VIN # 9433)
  • 2007 GMC Sierra 1-ton pickup (VIN # 4559)
  • Plus air compressor, power washer and various small tools.

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