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FX Ranch
Yavapai County, Arizona


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Location, Maps & Access

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Aerial deeded

The FX Ranch is located south of the Town of Dewey-Humboldt on Highway 69 approximately 20 miles from downtown Prescott.  The ranch is 80 miles north of downtown Phoenix via Interstate 17 and Highway 69.

Acreage & Carrying Capacity

Total deeded land
BLM grazing allotment
36.0 AU
State grazing allotment
30.3 AU
Total FX Ranch
66.3 AU*

*Note: there are other private parcels grazed within the ranch boundary not included in these figures.

The ranch is bisected by Highway 69 with one pasture being west of the highway and one pasture being east of the highway, there is a smaller holding pasture around the headquarters.  Elevations on the ranch range from approximately 4,400’ along the Agua Fria River to 5,500’ on Round Hill on the east end of the ranch.  Vegetation consists of intermixed grasslands with chaparral and riparian areas along the Agua Fria River and Galena Gulch. 

The headquarters are immediately adjacent to Highway 69 behind a locked gate.  There are two homes on a 12.6 acre deeded parcel, the headquarters well is also on the deeded land.  An enclosed barn, horse pens with shades and the ranch’s corrals are immediately adjacent on the state lease. The headquarters are in a beautiful setting overlooking a large dirt tank with cottonwood trees. The other deeded land parcel consists of the 19.59 acre Little May Lode Mining claim located approximately ¾ of a mile east of the headquarters.  This parcel is fully surrounded by the ranch’s state and BLM grazing leases and is in a private setting on Galena Gulch not far west of the Agua Fria River.  The area along Galena Gulch has cottonwood trees and a small spring/seep which culminates at a small waterfall.

Zoning, Utilities, and Flood Hazards
Zoning is controlled by Yavapai County and is classified as R1L-70, a 70,000 s.f. (1.6 acre) minimum parcel size.  There are electric and telephone services to the headquarters.   Water is by one domestic well and sewer is by septic tanks.  The deeded land is on two FEMA flood hazard maps, the headquarters are on Map 04025C Panel 2475H and the other deeded parcel is on 04025C Panel 2500G.  Both deeded parcels are in Zone X area’s of minimal flood hazards (although the waterfall deeded is on Galena Gulch).

Taxes & Grazing Fees
The 2016 property tax bill for the two deeded land parcels (APNs 402-01-048 and 402-08-054C) were $4,471.  The 2016 Arizona State Land Department grazing fee for lease #05-3432 was $3.45 per AUM.  The 2016 BLM grazing fee for the Galena Gulch #6201 lease was $2.11 per AUM.  For full use on the two grazing leases the total grazing bill would be $2,166.

Domestic and livestock water at the headquarters is from one domestic well and a large dirt tank.  Livestock water on the ranch is from several springs and seeps, dirt tanks and the Agua Fria River.  The stretch of the Agua Fria River through the ranch is reported to typically have water year-round, although it can get low in areas during the hottest part of the year.

The main home is a 3,286 s.f. block and wood frame home that was built in 1984.  The two story with basement home has three bedrooms and 2.75 bathrooms with attached decks and patios.  The guest home is 1,008 s.f. that was built in 1994, it has three bedrooms and an attached porch.  Located on the state lease immediately adjacent to the deeded land is an 1,872 s.f. enclosed barn with stalls and attached covered shade along with horse pens with shades, other storage buildings and the ranch’s main corrals.  The two homes have outstanding views overlooking the pastoral setting of the headquarters.

This is an attractive little ranch that is easily accessible from both Prescott and the Phoenix Metro area.  The current headquarters on 12.6 acres along the highway would make for an easily accessible full time spot for either owner occupancy or for a manager/ caretaker.  Although, these two homes are currently leased providing income to the ranch.  The 19.59 acre waterfall deeded parcel east of the headquarters is surrounded by the ranch’s state and BLM grazing leases.  It has unique riparian and rock features along Galena Gulch and would make for an excellent secluded and private home site.


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