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ZZ Ranch
Cochise County, Arizona


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[2] Cattle
[3] Well Storage Tanks
[4] Hangar
[5] Headquarters house
[6] Lower country
[7] Main corrals
[8] Upper Country
[9] Metal shop

Location & Maps

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Location map
Topography/Tenure Map
Aerial Map

General Description
The ZZ Ranch is located in southeastern Arizona approximately 100 miles east of Tucson.  Access is via State Highway 186 and the property is approximately 27 miles southeast of Willcox.  Highway 186 provides paved access to the Ranch headquarters.

The Ranch lies on the western side of the Chiricahua Mountains.  This area has a colorful history.  Just to the north lies the famous Apache Pass where early travelers and the Butterfield Overland Mail crossed the mountains.  There were several battles fought with Chiricahua Apaches in the Pass.  Fort Bowie, an early Army post, was established in the Pass to protect this region and was also the site of Geronimo’s final surrender.  This area was also the location of one of the earliest ranching operations in southeast Arizona due to its lush grasslands and the nearby Fort Bowie.

A short distance to the east of the Ranch lays Chiricahua National Monument.  This unique area is known for its scenic beauty with many amazing rock spires and vistas.  The adjacent Chiricahua Mountains rise to 9,000 feet and have many diverse forests and secluded canyons to explore.

Land Tenure & Carrying Capacity
The ZZ Ranch consists of approximately 11,491 acres of private land.  This is one of the largest all private land ranches in southeastern Arizona.  The approximate cattle carrying capacity is 250 head annually depending on rainfall.

Climate, Elevation and Vegetation
The Ranch has a mild climate with Summer highs in the mid 90’s and Winter lows in the mid 30’s.  Precipitation averages 16 inches per year.  The elevation ranges from 4,500 to 5,000 feet above sea level.  The topography of the Ranch is very gently sloping to the west.  The majority of the ranch is open grassland consisting of sideoats and black grama, tabosa, threeawns, lovegrasses and many annual grass species.  The Pinery Creek drainage area vegetation consists of giant sacaton grasses and scattered oak trees.

The ZZ Ranch is well watered with 5 wells which vary in depth from 360 to 480 feet.  Four wells are powered by overhead electric service and one well has a solar pump.  There are several large water storage tanks at the well locations which feed pipeline and drinkers.  There are also several dirt stock tanks.

Headquarters Improvements

  • The headquarters home is approximately 3,800 square feet with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, constructed of brick with a standing-seam metal roof and two-car garage. 
  • The metal shop is approximately 2,250 square feet with two bay garages, office, an open bay and concrete floor. 
  • The masonry barn is approximately 1,350 square feet with adjacent pipe corrals.
  • The main working corrals are covered and have a squeeze chute and livestock scale.
  • There is an older airplane hangar south of the headquarters that is still functional for storage.

Grazing Improvements
The Ranch has historically been managed with a holistic intensive grazing plan.  There are numerous smaller grazing cells divided by electric fencing all directed toward central waters.  There are also many original barbed wire pasture fences that have been incorporated into the grazing plan.

The Ranch electric is provided by Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative.  Telephone and internet is provided by Valley Telecom.  Some areas of the Ranch have cell service.  Propane is provided by local suppliers and sewage disposal is provided by septic tank.

Real Estate Taxes
2014 Real Estate Taxes were $7,620.84

The ZZ Ranch is one of the largest all deeded land base ranches in a very desirable area of southeastern Arizona.  The Ranch has been well cared for and carefully managed by its present owners.  This area has some of the nicest grasslands in southeastern Arizona and the scenery is spectacular.  There may be an opportunity for conservation easements on this property due to the un-fragmented nature of this large private land holding.


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